#052- Diving Deep at the upcoming Tech X 300 Event

In episode 52, Liselotte Foverskov and Niels Hagoort talk about the upcoming Tech X 300 event on September 20th and 21st in Copenhagen.

Tech X 300 focuses on delivering only Level 300 deep technical presentations. Open for every  IT professional, system administrator, or technology enthusiast.

TechX 300 will be a hardcore technical event hosted by hardcore techies for hardcore techies. The organization considers this to be an extension of VMware Explore, and the focus will be on creating opportunities for the attendees to interact with speakers and engineers in the Breakout, Lightning, and Community sessions, as well as at Meet-the-Experts, in smaller group discussions, in the Solution Exchange, and during the overall event.

Discover more about the event here: Tech X 300 20232!

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