#067 – Securing the world’s data with Rubrik featuring Jerry Rijnbeek

Jerry Rijnbeek, Vice President at Rubrik, discusses the history and capabilities of Rubrik’s data protection platform. He explains how Rubrik started as an appliance model, offering a converged solution for data protection. Jerry highlights Rubrik’s search capabilities, which allow users to easily find and restore files. He also discusses Rubrik’s support for protecting SaaS platforms and its recent expansion into container and Kubernetes protection. Rijnbeek emphasizes the growing threat of ransomware and the need for organizations to focus on data security posture management (DSPM) to limit the chances of successful attacks. He explains how Rubrik’s platform helps organizations monitor and detect anomalies in data access and behavior, as well as recover from ransomware attacks through mass orchestrated recovery.


  • Rubrik offers a converged data protection platform that simplifies backup and recovery processes.
  • Rubrik’s search capabilities make it easy to find and restore files, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.
  • Rubrik provides protection for SaaS platforms and has expanded its support to include containers and Kubernetes.
  • The rise of ransomware has made data security posture management (DSPM) crucial for organizations to limit the chances of successful attacks.
  • Rubrik’s platform includes data threat analytics and detection features to monitor and detect anomalies in data access and behavior.
  • Rubrik enables mass orchestrated recovery, allowing organizations to recover from ransomware attacks quickly and efficiently.
  • Rubrik offers multiple cloud regions and options for data recovery, providing flexibility and choice for customers.

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