#070 – vSAN performance with Patryk Wolsza (Intel)

In this conversation, Duncan and Patryk discuss vSAN performance, specifically focusing on vSAN ESA. Patryk shares his findings from comparing Intel and AMD CPUs, highlighting that vSAN ESA performs better on Intel CPUs in almost every scenario. They also discuss the cost and price point considerations when choosing between VMware vSAN OSA and vSAN ESA. Patryk explains the configuration and testing process for OSA and ESA, as well as the performance impact of RDMA and 100 Gig NICs. The conversation concludes with recommendations for customers, emphasizing the importance of trying new technologies and exploring the benefits they can offer.


  • vSAN ESA performs better on Intel CPUs compared to AMD CPUs in various scenarios.
  • Consider the cost and price point when choosing between OSA and ESA.
  • RDMA and 100 Gig NICs can significantly improve vSAN performance, reducing latency and increasing throughput.
  • It is recommended to try new technologies and explore their benefits to optimize vSAN performance.

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