#074 – Exploring the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) with William Rizzo

In this conversation, Johan van Amersfoort interviews William Rizzo about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and its impact on cloud computing and modern infrastructure. They discuss the role of the CNCF in making cloud native technology ubiquitous and the support it provides to cloud native projects. They also explore the advantages of using CNCF projects for IT admins and platform engineers, including the ability to build platforms with integrated and efficient tools. They touch on the future trends and developments within the CNCF, such as platform engineering and AI/ML workloads, and how IT professionals can prepare for these changes. William also shares his personal project on platform engineering and the importance of calculating the return on investment for platform engineering practices.


  • The CNCF aims to make cloud native technology ubiquitous by providing support and resources to cloud native projects.
  • Using CNCF projects allows IT admins and platform engineers to build integrated and efficient platforms.
  • Platform engineering and AI/ML workloads are future trends within the CNCF.
  • Calculating the return on investment for platform engineering practices is important.
  • William Rizzo is working on a project to simplify the calculation of return on investment for platform engineering practices.

00:00 – Introduction and William Rizzo’s IT Career

03:09 – Overview of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

06:39 – Other Core Projects and Technologies Hosted by the CNCF

10:17 – Impact of CNCF Projects and Principles on Cloud Computing

13:31 – Advantages of Using CNCF Projects for IT Admins and Platform Engineers

14:45 – Interoperability and Standardization across Cloud Platforms

23:45 – Resources for Learning about Cloud Native Technologies

28:17 – Future Trends and Developments within the CNCF

38:49 – William Rizzo’s Personal Project on Platform Engineering

46:04 – Calculating the Return on Investment for Platform Engineering Practices

49:28 – Closing Remarks

More about William: https://www.linkedin.com/in/william-rizzo/
The link to the CNCF website: https://www.cncf.io/

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