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Who are we?

Duncan Epping

I grew up playing with the MSX and Commodore 64 home computers in the Netherlands. I have been working in IT since the early 90s, I started out as an MS Windows system administrator and grew into a virtualization architect role over time. Started working for VMware as a professional services consultant in 2008, and worked in various roles since. Currently, I am a Chief Technologist in the Cloud Infrastructure Business Group, where I mainly focus on spreading our technical story around storage and availability. I am the author of the Clustering Deep Dive and vSAN Deep Dive series, I blog on, and I am the co-host of a dutch podcast named “in de aap gelogeerd“.

You can find me on twitter

Frank Denneman

I learned to run 486 games on my dad’s 386 by playing around with MS-DOS memory management. I guess that is when the fascination for compute resource management started. I worked as an independent contractor for multiple fortune 500 companies in Europe before joining VMware in 2008. In 2013 I joined a start-up to complete the trifecta of roles, customer, partner, and ISV. At VMware, I focus on all things compute resource management and infrastructure-related. For the last 18 months, I have been trying to unravel the secrets of Machine Learning and MLOPS. I’ve published five books and started writing the sixth one. Occasionally I publish lengthy blogs articles on and I am the co-host of a dutch podcast namedin de aap gelogeerd“.

You can find me on twitter

Johan van Amersfoort

Part of the IT world since the late 90s (actually, since december 99 🤓 ). I’m a passionate End-User Computing specialist, working at ITQ consultancy as a Technologist. I’m very active in the tech community as a public speaker, an author (, a podcast host for this podcast, but also the In de aap gelogeerd podcast and the EUC Digest podcast, and a VMUG leader for the Dutch VMware Usergroup. I love to make content, such as videos, podcasts, books and blog articles, which you can all find on my personal blog

You can also find me on twitter