#015 – Battling the developer crisis with VMware Tanzu, featuring Keith Lee

In episode 015 we talk to Keith Lee, Staff Technical Marketing Architect at VMware for Tanzu. Keith explains why customers are embarking on an application modernization journey, and we explore the VMware Tanzu portfolio with a focus on VMware Tanzu Application Platform.

Make sure to follow Keith on Twitter (https://twitter.com/KeithRichardLee) to keep up to date with his adventures!

#014 – Using ML accelerators efficiently with Justin Murray

In episode 014 we talk to Justin Murray, Technical Marketing Architect at VMware for AI and ML. Justin explains how VMware and NVIDIA are providing the tools necessary for a successful AI/ML implementation. He goes over the different processes and tools, and of course, also discusses GPU virtualization.

Make sure to follow Justin on Twitter (https://twitter.com/johjustinmurray) to keep up to date with his adventures! Also, read his articles for more in-depth details around AI/ML and GPU technology. (https://core.vmware.com/users/justin-murray and https://blogs.vmware.com/apps/author/jmurray)

#013 – Exploring VMware Cloud on AWS with Adrian Roberts

In episode 013 we talk to Adrian Roberts, Head of EMEA Solution Architecture for VMware Cloud on AWS at AWS. Adrian discusses the various reasons customers are looking to utilize VMware Cloud on AWS, discusses some of the challenges, and of course the opportunities that arise when you have your VMware workloads close to native AWS services.

Make sure to follow Adrian on Twitter (https://twitter.com/ady189) to keep up to date with his adventures!

#012 – Exploring VMware (multi) Cloud with Jeffrey Kusters

In episode 012 we talk to Jeffrey Kusters, Field CTO at ITQ. Jeffrey discusses the various use cases that customers have for adopting a VMware based public cloud offering. Jeffrey also explains the various considerations, and challenges, when it comes to public cloud architectures. If you are interested in VMware Cloud, this is a must-listen episode!

Make sure to follow Jeffrey on Twitter (https://twitter.com/jeffreykusters) to keep up to date with his adventures!

#011 – Providing enterprise storage services with vSAN 7 featuring Pete Koehler!

In episode 011 we talk to Pete Koehler, Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMware. Pete goes over the basics of vSAN (7.0) and discusses several enterprise features, like stretched clustering and HCI-Mesh, in-depth.

Make sure to follow Pete on Twitter (https://twitter.com/vmpete) to keep up to date with his adventures, and check out the VMware website for more documents and whitepapers on vSAN: https://core.vmware.com/vsan.