#010 – How Terraform can provide Infrastructure as Code in a multi-cloud world featuring Kyle Ruddy

In episode 010 we talk to Kyle Ruddy, Technical Marketing guru at Hashicorp. Kyle explains how Hashicorp got started, what the difference is between imperative and declarative automation, and why Terraform (and other Hashicorp products/services) should be included in every multi-cloud architecture.

Make sure to follow Kyle on Twitter (https://twitter.com/kmruddy) to keep up to date with his adventures, and give Hashicorp a follow as well (https://twitter.com/HashiCorp).

#009 – Preventing ransomware attacks with Carbon Black featuring Kendra Kendall

In episode 009, we talk to Kendra Kendall, Technical Marketing Specialist at VMware, focused on our Carbon Black offering and prevention of ransomware attacks in general. Kendra discusses how ransomware attacks work, and how you can leverage Carbon Black to develop a defense in depth strategy.

If you are interested in Carbon Black, make sure to check out the content on the Carbon Black Techzone: https://carbonblack.vmware.com/. Or connect with Kendra on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kendrakendall/).

#008 – Workspace ONE XR Hub and Virtual Reality with Matt Coppinger

In episode number 8, we talk to Matt Coppinger, Director of Product Management at VMware, about Workspace ONE XR Hub, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Matt goes over the different types of devices, and explains how VMware enables enterprises to adopt AR/VR devices and applications.

Make sure to follow Matt on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mcopping. Or add him to your network on LinkedIn. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattcoppinger/) If you are interested in the VR headsets, Matt primarily discussed the Quest 2 and the Pico, you can find details on those in the following article: https://bit.ly/3nEhvaP. If you are interested in Workspace ONE XR Hub, you can find information about the product and the current beta program on this blog: https://techzone.vmware.com/blog/vmware-workspace-one-xr-hub-beta-announced.

#007 – James Bond? Cloud Native Cormac!

In this seventh episode, we talk to Cormac Hogan, Chief Technologist in the Cloud Infrastructure Business Group at VMware, about Cloud-Native Apps. Cormac talks about the VMware cloud-native portfolio and zooms in on Tanzu specifically.

Make sure to follow Cormac on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CormacJHogan. Also, make sure to bookmark his website: https://cormachogan.com/.  On top of that,  check out the project he is working on called vKubeViewer, which gives insights from Kubernetes into your vSphere environment: https://github.com/vKubeViewer/vkubeviewer.

#006 – Event-driven automation (VEBA) with William Lam!

In this sixth episode, we talk to William Lam, Senior Staff Architect in the Cloud Infrastructure Business Group at VMware about event-driven automation. William explains what event-driven automation is, how customers are using it today, and why you should also consider trying out the VMware Event Broker Applience! (https://flings.vmware.com/vmware-event-broker-appliance)

Make sure to follow William on Twitter: https://twitter.com/lamw. Also, make sure to bookmark his website: https://williamlam.com/.  On top of that, visit the VEBA website (https://vmweventbroker.io/) for any additional details you need!