#005 – AI Enterprise, DPUs, and NVIDIA Launchpad with Luke Wignall of NVIDIA

In this fifth episode, we talk to Luke Wignall, Director of Technical Product Marketing at NVIDIA, about some of the announcements made during the NVIDIA GTC Conference. Luke discusses NVIDIA Launchpad, AI Enterprise, and of course, we touch on DPUs aka SmartNICs.

Make sure to follow Luke on Twitter (https://twitter.com/lwignall), or connect to him on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lukewignall/)

#004 – Virtual Volumes with Cody Hosterman of Pure Storage!

In this fourth episode, we talk to Cody Hosterman, Director of Product Management at Pure Storage, about Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy-Based Management. Cody discusses the past, present, and future of vVols and has a nice announcement for us when it comes to vVols features.

Make sure to follow Cody on Twitter: https://twitter.com/codyhosterman. Also, make sure to bookmark his website, https://www.codyhosterman.com/, as he has great content around vVols, SPBM, and storage in general!

#003 – Zero Trust, Zero Trust, Zero Trust and more with Shawn Bass

In this third episode, we talk to Shawn Bass, CTO for End-User Computing at VMware, about all the different aspects of End-User Computing. Needless to say, Zero Trust was mentioned a few times, but of course, Shawn also expanded on where he feels the industry is heading towards!

Make sure to follow Shawn on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shawnbass. If you have the time, we recommend attending the virtual keynote for the Chicago VMUG by Shawn on the 18th of November 2021, satisfaction guaranteed!

#002 – Recovering from a ransomware attack with Sazzala Reddy

In the second episode, we talk to Sazzala Reddy about how you can use the VMware Cloud DR service to recover from a ransomware attack. Sazzala also gives insights into what he feels is key for a startup to succeed.

Make sure to follow Sazzala on twitter (https://twitter.com/sazzala) and read his blog post on the VCDR filesystem: https://bit.ly/3CiQoav. If you want to learn more about the VCDR offering, make sure to visit the VCDR section on the VMware website! (https://www.vmware.com/products/cloud-disaster-recovery.html)

#001 – A conversation with Kit Colbert, VMware’s new CTO

In this very first episode of the Unexplored Territory Podcast we have the pleasure to speak with VMware’s new CTO, Kit Colbert. Kit talks about how he started as an intern and managed to find his way through the company and ultimately become the CTO. We also discuss various projects that were introduced at VMworld like Project Monterey, Project Capitola, and Project Santa Cruz.

Make sure to follow Kit on twitter (https://twitter.com/kitcolbert) if you want to hear his thoughts on industry trends and VMware’s strategic direction.