#065 – Oracle Cloud VMware Solution update featuring Jatin Purohit!

In episode 65 we spoke with Jatin Purohit on the topic of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. Jatin is the Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMware by Broadcom for this solution and provides us an overview of what the benefits are of the solution and what was introduced since episode 23 where we discussed OCVS with Richard Garsthagen.

Some links to topics discussed:

#063 – A conversation about EUC and VMware Explore with Spencer Pitts

VMware EUC continues to innovate, with a lot of announcements being done at VMware Explore in Barcelona. In this episode, Johan had a conversation with Spencer Pitts, Chief Technologist Digital Workspace at VMware, to dive into the major announcements and explain what the new features entail and what the added value is.

The following features have been covered:

  • Next-gen macOS management
    • Freestyle Orchestrator support
    • Updates dashboard
    • Hub Health
    • Security Baselines
    • Declarative Management
  • Vulnerability management below OS
    • Intel Chip to Cloud
  • App Volumes
    • DEEM Integration
    • Support for Persistent virtual desktops
    • Apps on demand support for AVD RemoteApp streaming and AWS AppStream 2.0 is now GA
  • Horizon
    • Active VDI Agent & Active VDI Client Technology
    • Aria Operations Experience Telemetry integration
  • Workspace ONE
    • Zoom API Integration
    • Application license optimization
    • GenAI ingration for Sensor Creation

The following articles were mentioned as well:

Blog from Marshall Ann Busbee

Blog with Anywhere Workspace announcements

#062 – Private AI with Chris Wolf

In this episode, Frank has a conversation with Chris Wolf about Private AU and how Private AI Foundation can help accelerate organizations to develop their Gen-AI-enabled application efficiently and securely. We discuss foundation models, infrastructure requirements, and future developments. Chris mentioned the following resources during this episode:

#060 – Cyber Secure Storage with Sazzala Reddy

In our second episode we had Sazzala on the show to talk about Ransomware Recovery as a Service, and today we invited him back on the show to talk about the Cyber Secure Storage announcement done at VMware Explore. Sazzala explains what Cyber Secure Storage is, discusses the use cases, and goes over some of the implementation details of this new offering which will soon be in private beta.