#058 – Introducing Pure Cloud Block Store for Azure VMware Solution with Cody Hosterman

Recently Pure Storage announced the availability of Cloud Block Store (CBS) for Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS). Duncan invited Cody Hosterman of Pure Storage to talk us through the announcement!

Make sure to follow Cody on Twitter: https://twitter.com/codyhosterman. Also, make sure to bookmark his website, https://www.codyhosterman.com/, as he has excellent content on all things vVols, SPBM, CBS, and much more!

#057 – VMware Explore 2023 US EUC Announcements with Bharath Rangarajan

At this year’s VMware Explore in Las Vegas, there were tons of announcements in the End-User Computing or Hybrid Workforce track. In this episode, we are joined by Bharath Rangarajan (VP Products for VMware EUC) to talk about the biggest announcements and what they bring to customers. Technologies we have talked about: DEEM, Freestyle Orchestrator, Workspace ONE, Horizon and Horizon Cloud, App Volumes, Apps on-demand, Amazon Workspaces, Appstream, and Project Oakville.

#056 – What’s new for vSphere+ with Dave Morera

At VMware Explore there were various announcements around vSphere+. Considering vSphere+ is still a relatively new offering we wanted to make sure that we would not only  cover the basics but also got to hear all of the intricate details from an expert like Dave Morera!

Make sure to follow Dave on Twitter (https://twitter.com/GreatWhiteTec) to keep up to date with his adventures, and check out the VMware website for more documents, whitepapers, and announcements around vSphere+ here: https://core.vmware.com/vsphere#vsphere

#055 – VMware Explore 2023 US Special featuring Raghu Raghuram, Chris Wolf, Amanda Blevins, and many others!

Another VMware Explore Conference is in the books. Our hosts were in Las Vegas to present, attend, and enjoy the conference, but also to let you experience some of the buzz that was going on. In a packed episode, we have 6 different guests to talk about the biggest VMware conference in the world:

  • Doug Rickets (Synology) – A conversation about Synology and how they provide solutions for customers with different use cases.
  • Anthony Spiteri – A conversation about the Boston Dynamics Spot and why Veeam brought it to VMware Explore.
  • Raghu Raghuram – A conversation about the event, the general session, and the partnership with NVIDIA
  • Amanda Blevins – A conversation about edge computing and the showcase innovation keynote.
  • Charles Cockshoot – A conversation about edge compute stack and the police car use case
  • Chris Wolf – A conversation about his new role and how it impacted the content that was presented.

If you would like to check the sessions that have been mentioned in the interviews, check these: